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Robin Robinson has built small brands for most of his working life and is currently working with small spirit brands across the US to help them enter and endure a volatile and competitive marketplace. Previously, he helped build the Compass Box Whisky Co. as its US Brand Manager and Brand Ambassador, responsible for sales, retail and consumer education; managing distributor, retail and consumer relationships; driving field sales across all markets; and promoting the brand through field marketing events such as tastings, pairing dinners, seminars, festivals and social networks.  To succeed, you educate and persist, systematize your approach and create evangelists. 

Prior to that, Robin was in sales in the tech industry, working primarily with small Silicon Valley technology startups, ranging from CRM to ERP to eCommerce, selling mission critical enterprise-level technology systems to Fortune 1000 companies.  To win, listen intently to your client and promote solutions that ease their pain and they will trust you to gently lead the conversation; then, you must under promise and over deliver.

And in the beginning, he plied the streets of small towns, the avenues of New York and boulevards of LA as an actor with credits in theatre, film, TV and radio: the ultimate small brand experience.  Create, market, sell, deliver, service and repeat.  To succeed, to just survive, you have to master process - whether your technique, your marketing, or your street time - while carrying the wing of a butterfly wrapped in the hide of a rhinoceros through a battlefield of broken dreams.

Throughout, he developed a life long love of Scotch and American whiskies and as such he is in demand as a lecturer on both subjects.  Argueably the longest running, continuous whiskey class in the US, Robin created the popular “Whiskey Smackdown” series at the renowned Astor Center in New York in 2009. He has lectured at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), French Culinary Institute, Institute of Culinary Excellence (ICE), Brooklyn Wine Exchange and The Flatiron Room; Tales of the Cocktail and various USBG chapters across the country. Robin has lectured on various sales and marketing topics for American Distilling Institute and American Craft Spirits Association.

In October 2019, Robin’s first book will be released:

“The Complete Whiskey Course” published by Sterling Epicure.

More info to come as publication gets closer!

He has been featured in publications such as 201 Magazine, the Chicago Sun Times, AskMen.com, Heritage Network,  Las Vegas Weekly, VinePair and was awarded “Highest Commendation” from Whisky Magazine’s 2014 Icons of Whisky.  He lives in the Metro NYC area.

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