The Story of Whisk(e)y - Schedule

In this hybrid one-man show and whiskey tasting, whiskey educator and consultant Robin Robinson takes us through the entire story of whiskey in one rapid-fire, crazy narrative that brings in the history of distillation, the role of the monks and alchemists, farmers and taxmen, Scottish lords and Appalachian hillbillies.  From grains to glasses, Ireland to Scotland, Japan to Kentucky to Ohio and over to Europe again, whiskey is more than the sum of its parts and Robinson dares you to come along for the ride of your life.  Hold on to your (gl)asses!


Thanks to my brand sponsors:

  • Heaven Hill, Elijah Craig: Bourbon
  • Pernod Ricard, Abelour: Scotch
  • Compass Box, Spice Tree: Blending
  • Pernod Ricard, Lot 40: Canadian
  • Glass Revolution, Amrut: World (Indian)
  • Castle Brands, Knappogue Castle: Irish
  • Tokai Imports, Iwai: Japanese


April 2, 2017: Whiskey on Ice, Minneapolis, MN

June 10, 2017: WhiskeyLive, Louisville, KY

Houston: Whiskies of the World, September 14 

Austin: Whiskies of the World, September 16 

Atlanta: Whiskies of the World, November 4

Chicago: WhiskeyLive, November 10