Brands: Narrative creation; Sales and Marketing Strategy

List of Services

  • Brand Narrative Creation Methodology

  • Brand Activation Strategy and Tactics

  • Distributor Management & Selection

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Market Penetration and Sales

  • Mentoring

Distributor/Wholesale: Knowledge-based Sales Training

List of services:

  • Knowledge-based, customized Sales and Spirits training: Utilizing wholesaler's unique portfolio.

  • Sales methodologies, objection handling, positioning, industry insight: turning your sales team into go-to category experts.

Every client has a unique set of circumstances, strengths, weaknesses and vision.  The joy of discovery is the prelude to profitability, and it is not always a straight path.  


Consumer based whiskey education classes at the famed Astor Center, Flatiron Room, and Institute of Culinary Education, New York, New York.