Welcome.   A few years ago, it became evident that the transformation of the whiskey industry, and spirits as a whole, would occur via the burgeoning craft distilling movement.  Today, we see the transformation has begun and the small, craft-spirit movement is creating an impact on all the tiers of production, distribution and consumption.   It may well define how we think about spirits for at least the next generation.


I started this company

  1. for the small brand: creating a narrative to elevate their position and grow market share, to activate it at all 3 levels of the supply chain so that it can compete and endure. 
  2. for the small sales organization, training them in hand-sell techniques to elevate their game in the competitive world of brown spirits and turn them into trusted advisors;
  3. for consumers as a whole,  to bring them the fun and knowledge of the whiskey and spirits industry;

 with 3 objectives in mind, Its what I call a

"Unified Vision of Knowledge": 


Bard of Brands

to serve the needs of the small production spirit brand, whether distillery, blender or merchant bottler, faced with the next step in market growth.  From narrative creation that connects sales strategy and execution, to activation techniques on the street, I will collaborate with you to create a systematic approach that creates a unique experience for your brand that results in sales. My goal is to be your partner in the struggle and evolution of your growth.  

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.
The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.”
— Steve Jobs


Whiskey-Gnosis and Build a Better Brand Ambassador

dedicated to creating a culture of knowledge in sales organizations with certified training in brown spirits;
and turning Brand Ambassadors into the most important person you'll ever hire.



Starting in 2017, continued in 20-18: The Story of Whiskey!  Billed as "60 minutes of bad stand-up comedy punctuated by drinking", The Story of Whiskey has played packed rooms at whiskey events around the US: WhiskeyLive to Whiskies of the World, from Minneapolis to Houston.  This year, we're adding more dates, TBD.  Read more about it here: The Story of Whiskey

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