Plaudits, Bravos and nice things spoken


Experienced, hardworking, and honest, Robin is of great value add to anyone looking to crack the code on launching a new brand or reintroducing a brand that has already been in market. At the Sonoma Distilling Company we worked with Robin on not just crafting our story and messaging, but how to present that story to the market. With his experienced finger on the pulse of our industry, he was able to guide us in making the right, if sometimes tough, decisions on how best to reinforce channel sales, honestly assess market viability, reduce our products to simplify our offering, and a humble take on our place in the growing US craft distilling world. He is a master of storytelling and brand building, with a natural ability to make a person or room of 300 people feel a connection to the brands he cares so deeply about. 

Adam Spiegel, President, Sonoma Distilling Company

Robin helped us put our narrative into a concise and effective format and helped our team develop the skills to be able to activate our story in a variety of situations. This format continues to drive our strategy when training new distillery team members, when developing marketing materials, when providing tours and tastings at both of our distillery locations, when presenting to distributor teams or at special events, and when meeting with On and Off premise accounts.

Robin generously shared his vast industry knowledge and provided valuable guidance with regards to choosing and working with the “right” distributor partner, and made himself available for regular and comprehensive consultation sessions during our challenging, though not yet complete distillery expansion project.

Rick Wasmund, Founder and Managing Member;
Cheryl Targos, Administrative Manager
Copper Fox Distillery, Virginia


Robin helped our brand at a time when we felt we had lost a bit of our identity.  He acted very much like a therapist; listening to all of our ideas about what the Sons of Liberty meant to our team.  Robin’s knowledge of the spirits industry and his use of google-inducing big words* are only surpassed  by his ability to distill down a ton on random shit into a solid brand narrative.

*Before meeting with Robin I always thought "zeitgeist" was some type of German porn.

Mike Reppucci
Sons of Liberty Spirits Co.


A brilliant mind and an engaging host, Robin will help you tell your story better than you ever thought you could. And in this business, story is King.

If you want to be known in every circle that matters, drop everything and call him. Now.

Cheri Reese
Far North Spirits


This training was a success…We have a lot of trainers in here, this was by far the best we’ve ever had…very productive.  Your energy level was impressive, you had everyone engaged and the clarity of your material was easily understood. It went by too fast, so much so that we would love to have you back.

Jay Frary
Gen. Sales Mgr.,
Blueprint Brands


Both the material and the delivery made this presentation one of the most effective we have had to date. Robin captured our staff’s attention, prompting everyone, salespeople and office personnel alike, to take extensive notes and ask countless questions.

The points Robin made were clear, actionable and adapted to our context. He pointed to parameters for better self-organization that we have seen being directly applied the next week by members of the team. He hinted to ways to better connect and reinforce relationships that made an impact on our sales force.

One can feel that Robin has walked the walk and talks from a long experience of successfully selling products which don’t sell themselves. Along with his style that keeps his audience interested and engaged, Robin delivers a training I would recommend to anyone aiming to get better at the art of selling. 

Nicolas Palazzi
PM Spirits


My company hired Robin to train sales representatives at each level of the game from the supplier down to the distributor; inside and outside sales along with customer service. Robin helped bring cohesion between the levels. We walked away with knowledge on how to interact with achieving the most affective sales and branding strategy from the production down to the consumer. We had clear direction on a path to success both personally and as a team.

Robin’s mentoring and guidance also brought confidence to myself, reflected in my newfound approach to the market and growing networks. Robin effectively trained us on positioning, perception and connection to get the job done. Our team was fired-up post our training session. I can positively say Robin leaves a lasting impression, he is captivating and direct. Robin isn’t scared to tell you what you need to hear. My personal success and growth doubled in a matter of months. I am very proud to have a mentor with the experience and direction which Robin brings to the table. He cares about your success.

Nikki Preiss, VP Sales
Preiss Imports


“Not only be the master of your brand but be the master of the category” this quote is stuck in my head since my sales course with Robin. I am starting to see that building up the knowledge of the whole category is changing my approach of showing and selling my brands. Knowledge is the most powerful sales tool for craft distillers over the big guys and connecting that with a unique story brings the highest value to the customer. Furthermore, during the sales course Robin elaborated that doing a consistent trial close and keeping the buyer involved results in a much higher success rate than plainly asking for a decision. I can clearly verify this and I used this technique multiple times when visiting accounts and can say that it improved the sales significantly. The sales course with Robin was not only teaching me sales techniques, it also helped me evolve as a person.

Claudia Bailoni
Bailoni Apricot Liqueur


An in-depth, informative sales training from a professional with the credentials and experience that Robin Robinson brings  is invaluable. Robin challenged us to seriously reconsider our approach to sales. His focus on finding our narrative allowed us to better understand and convey how to position ourselves in the increasingly-crowded craft spirits marketplace. 

His engaging presentation covered a wide array of topics, teaching us a great deal about spirits, the history of distillation and a deep dive into the whiskey category ... a great learning experience. 

Chad Robinson, Director of Sales,
Catoctin Creek

Robin Robinson's sales training was so useful for our growing enterprise. The first portion, a history of spirits and distillation, was great for new members if our team, while the detailed sales tactics in the second half, will help us refine our game on the streets. I would recommend this training to anyone!

Scott Harris, CEO,
Catoctin Creek



In an industry and market that is looking for genuine connections with brands Robin is a leader, a valuable asset in the field with his tremendous industry knowledge and his ability to identify with consumers and customers alike.   He understood the vision of the brand and how it would bet succeed.  During our tenure together we saw Compass Box continuously grow in both accounts sold and in volume.
Nicole Olivier, Asst. VP, United Liquors, MA

Here is what you need to know about my friend Robin Robinson:
Robin is a force of nature. I am confident there is no other person on earth with anything close to his combination of whisky knowledge, infectious energy and rapier-like wit!
— John Glaser, Founder/Whiskymaker. Compass Box Whisky Co.


…excellent communicator and educator builds rapport and therefore can persuade people to seriously consider the benefits of his products…nice person as well.
Howard Jacobs, Chairman, RR Marketing, NJ

His knowledge of the Whisky world and the tasty treasures of Scotland is second to none. He is detailed and professional in every aspect of his life.
John Gill, Martignetti Companies, MA

Robin is extremely knowledgeable about the whiskey category with particular emphasis on the Scotch Whiskey category. He has conducted numerous training sessions with sales people, trade and consumers and the feedback has always been very positive. His current work with the artisanal portfolio of Compass Box has helped the brands grow in both volume and distribution in the NJ market in key on and off premise accts
John Barry, Gen. Sales Mgr, RR Marketing

Robin is an excellent Brand Ambassador with outstanding Scotch Whisky knowledge. Robin's seminars are informative, easy to understand & most of all enjoyable.
John Palladino, Field Sales Mgr, Empire Merchants, NY

I have worked with Robin from a supplier/sales relationship and I must say he is diligent in his work ethic. Well prepared to meet with customers, supremely knowledgeable in his and competitive products, and a follow up with both that leaves both customer and sales force with a feeling of success regardless of the outcome
Marco Vollero, Sales Representative, RR Marketing

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Robin is an expert at customer service. His knowledge and passion for not only his products but Whisky in general is captivating
Marlon Paltroo, Park Avenue Liquors

Robin brought a level of expertise that few Brand Ambassadors that I've encountered possess. Robin excelled at bringing consumer awareness by providing both educational public tastings and in store staff trainings. When Robin provided public tastings his sell through ratio was one of the best and that is no small feat considering the entry retail price point of his brands begins in the $40.00 range.
Bill Kenny, GM, Astor Wines & Spirits

Robin is a fantastic presenter. Not only is he very knowledgeable about whisky, but he is highly entertaining! His enthusiasm and genuine love of the product translates into immediate sales!
Ryan Maloney, Proprietor, Julio’s Liquors

…the people loved it. One guy wrote "Best American Instructor. Best Scottish Accent." Several more commented that you delivered for both the newbies and the connoisseurs.
Jay Erisman, The Party Source, Kentucky

I have loved working with Robin over the years on a number of different events for a number of different reasons. The first and most important is his wealth of knowledge and commitment to bring a user-friendly and exciting approach to learning about spirits and certainly Scotch whisky. It truly is an experience listening to Robin speak on the many nuances of our industry and the producers that help make it magical. 
Patrick Watson, BackLabel Wine/StinkyBrooklyn

Whiskey Press

Robin knows the ins and outs of the whisky business, and brings a true commitment to excellence in his work…
Mark Gillespie, WhiskyCast

Robin Robinson is a remarkable person. Even among brand ambassadors -- a notoriously friendly and knowledgeable group -- Robin has a depth of knowledge, flexibility of understanding, ability to teach, and willingness to build bridges and create opportunities that are truly noteworthy.
Seanan Forbes, Journalist, DrinkNation

I have known Robin for many years and have found him to be the consummate whisky professional. One of the top brand ambassador who defends and advocates his brand at all times. Robin has a big heart and recently organized a wonderful whisky auction to benefit the people affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Adam Levy, Founder at Alcohol Professor

Industry Peers and Professionals

Robin is a joy to work with.  Professionally he is passionate, accessible and engaging.  He can adapt to any crowd and has a wealth of knowledge to share.  The people who attend his classes at Astor Center always leave genuinely excited about what they have learned, and Robin makes such a special effort to connect with all of them.  He truly is in a league of his own, and I feel so fortunate to have him as an instructor. 
Cristina Martin, Programming Manager at Astor Center

Robin is a true professional that not only knows his brand of products inside and out but knows the industry and all other brands inside and out. His attention to detail and ability to not talk above those he is speaking to is also one of his finer qualities.
Adam Opalek, High West Distilleries

Robin is one of the few Ambassadors in the field that I would not hesitate to hire to represent my own brands. In an industry that requires long hours, lots of travel, consistent alcohol consumption, and minimal sleep, Robin maintains the highest level of professionalism and passion when it comes to his brand and the people he interacts with. Not only is Robin professional in demeanor, engaging among colleagues and consumers and an expert in his field, but he does all of this with a warm and welcoming smile
Gable Erenzo, Tuthiltown Distillery/Hudson Whiskey

Robin is a wonderful asset to the Whisky Industry. As a positive voice and an exceptionally driven person, Robin has a marvelous ability to collaborate with brands and venues to achieve wonderful results. He is a passionate ambassador for Scotch whisky as a whole.
Nicholas Polacchi, CEO, The Whisky Dog

Robin has such a passion for spirits and particularly for whiskey. He has provided staff training and products as well as his expertise to myself and my colleagues many times. His attention to detail and encyclopedic knowledge as well as his personable nature puts him in a class by himself.
Katie Loeb, Author: Shake, Stir, Pour: Homegrown Cocktails

I find Robin's product knowledge, interpersonal skills, and demeanor to be a model for the industry. He combines a restless energy and searching intellect with a real sense of community that would be an asset for any undertaking. His presentations and market activity are invigorating and informative and set the stage for a vigorous distribution of the brand he represents. I have enjoyed working on events with him and have worked with a number of his subordinates who all express a similar regard for his organizational skills and enlightened methods.
Karl du Hoffman, Brand Dvlpmnt Mgr, Hotaling and Co.

"...amazing staff training today, the team is still raving about it.  Everyone was as impressed by you as the whisky.  Thank you again for being an incredible orator and educator.
Chris Lowder, Bar Manager, Nomad Hotel, NYC

“…a phenomenal learning experience, my staff was thrilled with how comprehensive it was…and though your knowledge was vast, it didn't come off as pedantic or lecture-y. Instead, your passion was contagious, which is not always easy in a tasting session with a couple dozen people."
Joaquin Simo, Proprietor, Pouring Ribbons, NYC

Robin is one of the most committed individuals in the Liquor Industry that I have seen. He is tireless, hard working, and a master at education and sales. His drive and dedication is unmatched. He is the definition of what a Brand Ambassador is and what others in the industry strive to emulate.
John Badalati, NY/NJ Regional Mgr, RIPE

Robin is one of those rare individuals who can talk to anyone at their level not his. From blue collar laborer to wall street exec, Robin knows how to speak the language of the moment and instill the contagious passion he carries for the whiskies he represents to anyone within ear shot. As a brand ambassador he reflects the appropriate image of the brand at all times, never straying off message. That may sound like he is rigid, but that is far from the case as Robin makes the brand message his own and weaves his representation so skillfully, you'd never know he was "on message?" to begin with, as it comes so organically in both his personality and demeanor as well as when he is "on stage". I've had the pleasure of Robin's insight and intelligence surrounding the whiskies industry a few times over and find that any brand he represents would benefit to a great extent with his expertise and presence behind them.”
Jason O’Donnell, Co-Owner, Tualatin Valley Distilling

Robin has a passion for Whisky which is infectious and he has always been a pleasure to deal with. Conveys his knowledge and passion to a variety of audiences in a skilful and engaging way!
Gordon Dundas, Brand Ambassador, BeamSuntory

Robin is an excellent example of what a brand ambassador should be--enthusiastic, genuine, knowledgeable and always able to tell you something new and fascinating about the brand you didn't already know.
Chip Tate, Tate & Company Distillers

I had the pleasure of working alongside Robin at a number of whisky events around the metropolitan area during my time with The Famous Grouse. He has one of the greatest talents I have seen when it comes to maintaining the rapt attention of a crowd in an otherwise chaotic environment. His knowledge of whisky lore is astonishing, and I consider myself fortunate to have him as one of the best educators I work with in my current position.
Dan Eckman, Beverage Industry Professional


Robin Robinson presented an interactive and highly entertaining seminar to our clients!   I also was impressed by his attention to detail.  He went above and beyond by helping us with customized place mats, rental and refreshment suggestions.  He helped us transform our conference room into a proper class room.  Client feedback has been extremely positive.  We would look to work with him on future client events.
Director of Marketing, wealth management firm, New Jersey

Robin was an outstanding host for the tasting.  He was informative, enlightening and knowledgable.  His skills as a presenter are top rate.  At the end of the hour, one of the bagpipers stood up in full regalia and told Robin that of all the tastings done at Mohonk House (from very popular brands) he was by far the best. 
Organizer at Scottish Weekend, Mohonk Mountain House, New York

Robin laid on an exceptional evening for over 40 people at our downtown club. His depth of knowledge in whisky and its traditions is unparalleled and his ability to entertain is undeniable. With Robin's careful guidance and contacts we were able to compile a list of varied whiskies, all excellent representatives of geographies and styles, and were treated to a presentation and show that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We wholeheartedly recommend Robin for any whisky tasting event and particularly one where his unique speaking and theatrical talents can shine.
Johnnie Walker (member of a private club in Lower Manhattan)