Ok.  We're not solving the big issues of our time here.  We're drinking whiskey.
And it should be fun.

But so should learning about whiskey: Bourbon, Japanese, Scotch, Irish, world whiskies, craft whiskies.  The whole deal, no matter from where and when.

And Whiskey-Tainment! is focused on having a good time: 

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The Story of Whisk(e)y is now LIVE!!!!!

"...its 50 minutes of bad stand up comedy punctuated by drinking"

"...its 50 minutes of bad stand up comedy punctuated by drinking"

In this hybrid one-man show and whiskey tasting, whiskey educator and consultant Robin Robinson takes us through the entire story of whiskey in one rapid-fire, crazy narrative that brings in the history of distillation, the role of the monks and alchemists, farmers and taxmen, Scottish lords and Appalachian hillbillies.  From grains to glasses, Ireland to Scotland, Japan to Kentucky to Ontario and out to the rest of the world, whiskey is more than the sum of its parts and Robinson dares you to come along for the ride of your life.  Hold on to your (gl)asses!


April 2, 2017: Whiskey on Ice, Minneapolis, MN

June 10, 2017: WhiskeyLive, Louisville, KY

New dates:


Houston Update: We at Whiskies of the World wish to express our deepest sympathy for everyone who has been in any way touched by the devastation brought to Texas by Hurricane Harvey.   We know that many of you are deeply affected by this disaster.  As we all work to recover from these last weeks and get back to a degree of normalcy, we have decided after careful consideration to both reschedule our Houston Whiskies of the World event to Saturday, September 30th (at JW Marriott Galleria), and donate 50% of ticket sales to assist in Houston’s flood relief. 

We are eager to support the Houston community and hope this rescheduled event will allow us to raise funds and distribute them through our partner charity, the Rotary Foundation, in a timely, helpful fashion.  

Save $40 with Promo Code: GoHouston


September 16, 2017: Whiskies of the World, Austin, TX.  Click here for $40 discount with the word: THESTORY

November 4, 2017: Whiskies of the World, Atlanta, GA. Click here for $40 discount with the word: THESTORY

November 10, 2017: WhiskeyLiveUSA, Chicago, IL: Click here for more info

More to Come!

Meet the Sponsors of "The Story of Whiskey": 

Robin is a force of nature. I am confident there is no other person on earth with anything close to his combination of whisky knowledge, infectious energy and rapier-like wit!
— John Glaser, Founder. Compass Box Whisky Co.

After Hurricane Sandy devastated the areas around New York and New Jersey, I called out to all the other whiskey purveyors doing business in the New York area and in 3 weeks, organized the Whiskey Auction.  We raised over $19,000 in one night: 

Content permission of BourbonBlog

Then there was that time when John Glaser from Compass Box wanted to set something on fire to celebrate the launch of  his new whisky, Flaming Heart.  So we did...

Robin Robinson presented an interactive and highly entertaining seminar to our clients!   I also was impressed by his attention to detail.  He went above and beyond by helping us with customized place mats, rental and refreshment suggestions.  He helped us transform our conference room into a proper class room.  Client feedback has been extremely positive.  We would look to work with him on future client events. 
Director of Marketing, wealth management firm, New Jersey

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Robin was an outstanding host for the tasting.  He was informative, enlightening, and knowledgeable.  His skills as a presenter are top rate.  At the end of the hour, one of the bagpipers stood up in full regalia and told Robin that of all of the tastings done at Mohonk House (from very popular names) he was by far the best.
Attendee at “Scottish Weekend”, Mohonk Mountain House, New York

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